Public Mobile Learning Scenarios Weblog now on-line

This week, we launched our “Mobile Learning Scenarios Weblog” (hosted by the LMLG, and part of the “Network for Mobile Learning Scenarios”). People interested in letting teachers, researchers and policy makers know about their mobile learning practice in formal and informal learning contexts are invited to submit their scenarios. Please spread the word!

As the page is quite new and we just started to submit content, the number of scenarios is still low. However, we hope to get submissions soon and will be able to provide a rich resource for people interested in mobile learning practice.

For practitioners who want to realise mobile learning, but need a bit support are invited to use our template for planning and evaluating mobile learning scenarios. It is available in English and German language.

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Learning to Teach Using ICT in the Secondary School

Mobile learning: Strategies for planning and implementing learning with mobile devices in secondary school contexts.

Bereits vor einigen Monaten erschienen ist ein Artikel von mir, Norbert, Pachler, Ben Bachmair und Beat Döbeli-Honegger zur Implementierung von Mobilem Lernen in den Schulunterricht. Details zum Lehrbuch, das sich an Lehrkräfte an weiterführenden Schulen richtet, sind verfügbar unter

As the history of mobile learning, which extends to more than a decade by now, has taught us, banning digital mobile devices such as mobile phones, tablets, mp3 player etc. from classrooms and school yards is not the only option to deal with these new technologies in school contexts. In fact, in order to make use of the potentials inherent in the use of technologies which originate in learners’ everyday lifeworlds and that are originally designed for entertainment, communication and networking, it is necessary to scrutinise opportunities and the learning experience that the use of mobile technologies offer to learners. In this chapter we critically discuss both aspects and aim to build a bridge between learners’ media use in everyday life and school learning with mobile devices.

Seipold, Judith; Pachler, Norbert; Bachmair, Ben; Döbeli-Honegger, Beat (2014): Mobile learning: Strategies for planning and implementing learning with mobile devices in secondary school contexts. In: Leask, Marilyn; Pachler, Norbert (eds.): Learning to teach using ICT in the Secondary School. A companion to school experience. 3rd edition, London: Routledge, pp. 185-204. ISBN: 978-0-415-51652-5.

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